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I hope you're having a wonderful spring.  Here, we've gone from snow, to 40 degrees and rain, to 80 and sunny and now back to 40 and rain (threatening a "wintery mix")  And not just in a few months, a week.  Literally, a week!  I've told Nate, if it snows again this year, we're moving.  Or seriously considering it.  I consider myself pretty hearty when it comes to the cold, and we always manage to survive the long winters - but that's only because there's the promise of lakes, patios, pools and SUN for a portion of the year.  This is crazy.

But anyways, enough on that.  Time to link with Shannon and say SO WHAT:

  • I've been a little MIA on the blogging scene lately.  Sorry.  I promise I think of a lot of funny things and then forget about them but the time I have time to sit down with my computer.  Working on a nerdy notebook or something to help with this problem!
  • I didn't put any sunscreen on the girls this weekend, and we all ended up with pink cheeks.
  • The new bunk bed arrived this weekend.  We have so far avoided falling, being pushed out, or other such monkey business. *knock on wood*
  • Super duper excited to have Allyssa at Olive & Birch work her magic and make me some of these prints!  More wall art for the girls' new room - very excited to have it all finished!
  • I watch reality TV and picture Joel McHale going nuts in an editing room somewhere writing the perfect joke (or one of his lackeys, but you get the idea!)
  • After promising myself that I was going to eat healthier this weekend, we grilled hot dogs on Saturday and ate at Red Lobster on Sunday.  At least there was a salad involved at RL!
  • I am writing this post from a pedi chair at work; it's inspiring me to talk nail trends for spring!
  • I made a poblano-corn salsa tonight, and Nate and I about polished off the entire batch in one sitting.  Can't wait to share the recipe with you on Friday, before the Cinco de Mayo weekend!
  • I have a serious love/hate relationship with Candy Crush.  Can I get an AMEN!?

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hi there- I'm visiting via the Blogger Challenge hop today. Just wanted to say hello and wish us all luck with the writing challenge this month.


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