Good Thing, Bad Thing

Hello and welcome.  The concept of "Good thing, bad thing" isn't new to me.  I've been playing this "game" with my girlfriends since I went to college.  We'd all get together over breaks and have to play catch-up.  It was the perfect opportunity to sum up what's been going on, highs and lows, and stay connected.  It stuck, not always to everyone's enjoyment, but it sparked conversation and I know that it kept us all together, even when we were so far apart.

So I bring you:  Good Thing, Bad Thing.  The idea is that you provide an good and bad thing, in the "relative week."  And you bad thing can't be that you have no good thing.  It's just not possible.

I'm really excited to see what you all have to share!
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The game can be played in a few ways ways - a list of contrasting items....

Good thing:  Liv finished her first year at preschool.
Bad thing:  We still don't know if she'll be in Kindergarten in the fall (her birthday is 17 days too late.) Come Monday, we'll hopefully have a better sense if I need to buy a new pencil box for September.

Good thing:  We had an amazing time with my sister's family.
Bad thing:  I think I drank 6 bottles of wine and maybe slept for a total of 14 hours in 4 nights.  Maybe.

Good thing:  I'm trying really, really hard to get into an exercise routine again.
Bad thing:  I hate running.

Good thing:  Avery is super interested in potty training.
Bad thing:  She is a strong-willed toddler with waining interests.

Good thing:  I read every night before bed.
Bad thing:  I'm usually "reading" Pinterest posts and getting hungry.

Bad thing:  I've worked more this week than I have in a long time, including 12-hours on Wednesday.
Good thing:  I'm hourly.  Nuff said.

Good thing:  This has been really fun to write.
Bad thing:  This party may fail, and it's just me talking about myself.
Good thing:  I write a blog and therefore don't care if it's all about me!

....or another way to play is in story-form...

My bad thing:  The weather here has been absolutely dreary.  The rain, clouds and chill in the air hardly speaks to the Minnesota summer that we've all been craving.  And the kids feel the depression too.  They've gotten mere tastes of running around until they're wet with sweat and dirt, only to look sadly through windows at rain clouds.  This sucks.  I hate this.  They run wild, and I get crabby, and they get crabby and it's the perfect storm for tantrums and raised voices.  I actually wanted to call-in sick to work, but realized staying home would mean a full-day inside with them, and realized we'd all be happier if I wasn't home.

My good thing:  I added more members to my "Headband of the Month" Club.  And this isn't a sales pitch, it's a pat on my own back (though if you're interested in the six or twelve month option).  Making those silly headbands was a great creative outlet for me and it ebbs and flows, and this week, it's been a good week.  I do still burn my fingers on hot glue, but I love knowing that I'm sending out little packages that girls are going to wear and have everyone go "Awwww...."  It's just fun.

....or in your own style.  The point is to share your week, the highs and lows and not feel guilty for bragging or complaining!

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