The Milestone I Could Have Skipped

Olivia is only four-and-a-half-years old.  She won't be five until September, though her attitude sometimes suggests that she's going to be more like 14 or 18, or whatever age it is where girls make their mothers want to pull their hair out.

The child's, not the mother's.

On Wednesday, we were eating a quick lunch at Target's Food Avenue and Liv pulled some gross, white thing out of her mouth after biting into her hot dog.  I was too busy mopping up the milk that Avery had spilled, and just told her to just put it down and keep eating.  I was sure it was some awful, fatty part of a hot dog that makes them taste so good, but really gross to think about when you're actually eating them.

Now we're all calm and settled and eating, and wait - what the hell is on your tooth, Olivia?  Wait!  Where is your TOOTH!?!

She lost her first tooth and could have swallowed it or flicked it away, gone forever on the dirty floor of Target, or worse:  down the drain so to speak, and I am NOT digging for a silly tooth!  I was so in shock, I almost cried over the excitement.  She was thrilled to death, knowing the Tooth Fairy was going to come and visit.

This is not the milestone I wish we avoided.
It's certainly early for her to lose teeth, but from my Google research, kids who get teeth early tend to loose them early.  Makes enough sense.  Liv broke her first two teeth before she was four-months old.  (An awful experience, let me tell you.)

On Saturday, Olivia took her kid scissors and gave herself a little trim.  And when I say trim,  she recounts that she took four chunks out of her head on the right side (which means that she's apparently a lefty when it comes to cutting.)

Here's where I share some things that I am not proud of, in the hopes that someone in the world will have felt the same so I'm not a total bitch.

The vanity in me came out, and I was completely beside myself for the rest of the night and into the next day - and we had a Mother Daughter photo shoot, mind you.
First I had her goony, toothless smile, but I could handle that.  This giant chunk of hair that we now needed to rush to a salon before pictures to have cut and fixed so she didn't look like a complete wild animal.
We'd spent the last two years trying to grow out her bangs to a point where they tucked behind her ears and out of her face.  We were finally getting to a good point so she didn't look like Cousin It most of the day.
The hair disaster discovery happened while we were out to dinner, and I was just so - so dumbfounded and upset that I couldn't really even enjoy my steak sandwich.  And, I mean, come on:  it's meat and cheese and bread - these are the things I live for.
I'd spend not one, but two shopping trips trying to pick out cute clothes for us to wear, and thought this would be so great, and now she'd gone and spoiled it.  I guess, I can only be thankful that the chunk she took looked more like layers than anything else and left long enough that they can tuck behind an ear or back in a clip.  And even more, she left Avery out of it.  That poor babe doesn't have any hair to spare!!

And here's where I share that while I was genuinely disappointed, the actual gravity of the situation (which was none) eventually came to me.  Surely, I really wish it didn't happen, but the rational part of me knows that it's not a big deal and life, as it usually does, will go on.

Just with a little less hair on the right side.

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1 comment:

Jaime said...

Ah, yes. The self haircut.

When our youngest was 2, her older sister cut her hair..into a mullet. She had to have a pixie cut to fix it.

And then when she was 4, she cut it herself at daycare. She took what was in her face and cut it right at the scalp. I was mortified. It took 8 months to get pig tails again. And I made her wear a hat for most of the winter, indoors and out. (She did it in Oct so Christmas pics were interesting.)

It's just hair, it will grow. (That's what I kept telling myself for a month after she did it.)

Congrats on the tooth, though!

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