So What Wednesday

What a week.  I can't even remember last week, that's how long this week has felt.
Or maybe, that's how long last week felt and that's why I'm still in recovery mode.
I'm going to do my best on this week-in recap but like I said, it's kind of a blur at this point.

So What Wednesday

  • When I start to type "life" into my web browser - Life After I Dew is what pops up first instead of Lifetime Fitness.  This means my ass is getting bigger, but my love for Shannon is as well.
  • I smelled like vodka Thursday morning after a Wednesday night happy hour(s) with an OLD friend.  And old being long-term, not age wise.
  • The best part of my week was hearing this interaction:
    • Liv:  Avery, here, you have this toy back.
    • Avery:  Thank you, Eya.  Best.  Friend.  Ever. {in broken toddler speak}
    • Mom's heart bursting that I'm doing ONE thing right.  For the moment at least.
  • We took down Avery's crib and make her sleep on a mattress on the floor.  This is in preparation for a new bunk bed, not because we're cheap and/or cruel.
  • I can't decide if The Following or Hannibal is a creepier show.  Either way, I prefer to watch them in full daylight with my feet on the floor.  I'd never consider NOT watching though.
  • I took the Wife of the Year award because I took my husband on a (free) brewery tour.  Best. Date. Ever.
  • Avery had her 2-year well-baby doctor visit:  30 lb, 37 inches.  She's one of the biggest two-year olds out there.  At least that means I'm feeding her and keeping her heathy (score one for mom.)
  • If I'm too lazy to give the girls a bath at night, I have them stand in the shower the next morning after I'm done.  I see it as somehow saving water, right?

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