So What Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!  Half way to the weekend - but wait, I'm a parent so it's not like I get time off.  I do, however, get to sleep in on Saturdays because Nate is kind enough to read the paper with the girls watching Disney Junior.  He can be a good egg every now and then (love you honey!)

So What Wednesday
  • I am concerned I am suffering from SADD in April.  We have snow and cold and yuck.  The high is maybe 40 degrees, this is criminal.
  • Liv lost her first tooth on Wednesday and we only gave her a dollar.  She doesn't even know what to do with it; I think she thinks it might be play money.
  • Liv also gave herself a little haircut on Saturday and I lost my shit over it.  Not a proud mommy moment, I will admit.  {read more here}
  • I still get a little giggly when I hear from people that they read my blog.  I know the stats and check on Google Analytics, but still.  I'm always flattered to hear that people read what I have to say.
  • Ask me how much I love to hate Don Draper.  What a awful hottie.
  • I need the weather to brighten so I can get to the Farmers' Market and eat more veggies.  I was getting fit for vacation and then kinda fell off the wagon.  Come on Liz, summer is eventually coming.  Or at least, I think it is!
  • Oh, and as a total whore for praise, I also check out to see what's been pinned from my blog (which is also my top traffic driver!) using this little trick!  So awesome to see my little pics out there in cyberspace!  Top pin by far is this recipe for {crack bread}

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