Six Favorite Things in My Home

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The Austin Family Diary

If I had to name my {current} favorite things, they would be:

{this blanket} from Pottery Barn.  It is my absolute favorite thing to cuddle with - even compared to my kids.  It's incredibly soft and warm.  And because of our split-level living, we have two living rooms and two places that I MAY want to be warm, so of course, I have two of them.

The flip-down step stools that Nate built for the girls.  We don't have a breakfast bar, but the kids turn the counter into one with these guys.  They can eat a snack, play with messy toys and projects (in my control) and even help cook.  They're awesome!

My TV.  Or more importantly, the DVR that's attached to the TVs.  We have DirecTV, and the whole-home DVR is amazing.  Maybe I sound silly for loving this as much as I do, but I don't care.  I like to unwind with TV.  Sure, I read and play Candy Crush on my phone, but I like TV.  Don't judge.

Our toy room, and it's chalkboard wall.  A place for the clutter to gather, even though it will creep out into the living room and up the stairs, I love it.  And the chalkboard, talk about an awesome thing for kids to play with!  It's floor-to-ceiling, wall to wall.  100 square feet of imagination!

The deck and pergola.  We don't have long summers in Minnesota, so we have to make the most of them.  Patios and decks are everywhere, and even though they are only open for 4 months out of the year, they get a lot of mileage.  Being able to sit in the sunshine, read my US Weekly and watch my kids play in the grass - not a bad little spot.

Our fake mudroom in the garage.  Nate built up a little platform where we have a bench and some coat hooks.  Being that we have about 6 square feet inside the front door to put on shoes and coats, this is an area we try very hard to utilize to keep the mess outside where it belongs.  I have to admit, it didn't get used a ton in the winter because it's very hard to convince a 4-year old who takes 12 minutes to get her boots and jacket on to do it outside in 20 degree weather.  Again - can't wait for spring to finally get here so we can move outside again!

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ShaunaQ said...

That chalkboard wall sounds awesome!i heard its a messy process but it comes out so cute!

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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

Oh that does look like a nice blanket! A Minnesota summer on that deck sounds wonderful!

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