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Boring for some, I know, but I promise, this month I have AMAZING deals for my sponsors!  If you've got a blog or business, please don't skip over this one.  And if you're a loyal fan and know someone who might be interested, please share this with them!  They'll thank you, I promise!

For the month of May, we are going MAD here!  I know, it's usually March, and to be fair, the weather out my window is much more like March (or even January) than May, so we'll just run with it!  Even Avery is joining in the evil genius feel for things.

ALL spots in May are only $5!  Every single one! 
Super feature sponsor (who gets above-the-fold exposure on every post) only FIVE BUCKS!
Premium spots (shown with a large graphic on every page and post) only FIVE BUCKS!
Daily spot (and that means you appear on EVERY post, past and present for 30 days) only FIVE BUCKS!

No code needed, just click {here} select your choice and we're golden!
All ads are run thought Passionfruit and will begin May 1st, unless otherwise requested.
Questions on additional partnership opportunities, please ask!  

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