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While planning our fights to Turks & Caicos, I came across these wonderful worksheets.  Thank you mommy-bloggers for your grace, here are some of the worksheets I had packed in our carry-ons.  With Memorial Weekend fast approaching, and summer trips to the cabin and beach, I figured these would work just as well for the road warriors of summer!

I used a three-hole punch and some folders that I snagged at the Dollar Tree.  Not all of the worksheets got used, so some of the activity books ended up with our "in-home" coloring books and some made it into the baby bag for restaurant distractions.  Brilliant!

Tracing Shapes
download here
Six shapes that can be traced with stickers, colored in, drawn on and otherwise decorated.  Printable provided via {Confessions of a Homeschooler}

Tic Tac Toe
download here
A game that never ends, so long as the child is always winning.  These printable pages have pre-drawn boards which can account for several rounds of activity.  Maybe mix it up with different colored markers.  Go nuts.  Whee.  Printable provided via {Tip Junkie}

Traceable Numbers
download here
Anything to keep the fingers moving.  They can do this one, two or ten times.  Print off a bunch, mix them in between other sheets.  They'll be proud of what they're able to teach themselves through repetition.  Printable provided via {JDCodeMad.Net}

Traceable Letter
download here
Works the same way as numbers.  And it's free.  Nuff said.  Printable provided via {Freeology.com}

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