Shaving Cream Art

Ready to get messy?  Well, not really, but kinda.

I have no idea HOW this works, but I promise that it does.  The affect you get is so cool, I was probably more excited about this than the kids were!  I spent the morning with my own kiddos, plus nephew Rory (age 2) and niece Peyton (4 months)  This was the perfect art project.  They got to get a little messy with the shaving cream, got to pick their favorite colors to mix, and I did the rest of the heavy lifting.

You'll want to gather up:

  • White, foam shaving cream (I didn't try the gel kind, but something tells me it wouldn't work the same)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cardstock or construction paper (something thicker than standard office paper)
  • Shallow container for foam/paint (I used a cookie sheet)
  • Paintbrush, toothpick or straw (something to use to swirl paint and foam together)
  • Scraper (squeegee, credit card, etc)
  • Newspaper or paper towels

Smear a decent layer of shaving cream onto your cookie sheet.  Try to make it even, but it won't be perfect.  You're making kid art, not frosting a cake, don't stress about it.  I would keep the size closer to the size of your paper, just so you get all of the selected colors on the page.  This would also depend on how demanding your artist is (Liv cared a lot more than Peyton.)

Squirt out paint onto the foam in whatever design you want.  Doesn't really matter, you're going to marble and swirl it all together in a minute.

Using the end of a paint brush or straw, start drawing lines to marble the paint together.

See, doesn't that look SO COOL?  It gets better.

Lay your paper down and press firmly into the cream.  You don't want to drown it, but you want to make sure that you get paint on most of the paper.  Let it sit for a few seconds (we made a game of counting to 10 in silly voices.)  Gently peel up the paper and lay flat on a covered surface (here's where the newspaper or paper towels come in to play.)

You'll have something that looks like this.  Leave it sit for a few minutes before scraping off the foam in long even strokes.

You'll be left with a really cool marbled effect.  You can cut shapes, make cards, draw over them once the paint has completely dried.  

Seriously, so easy and so cool.  If anyone knows the science behind how this works, I'd love to hear it!!  For now, I'm going with magic.  It's just magic.


Shaffer Sisters said...

I really liked your blog post on Shaving Cream Art! I have son that has a sensory disorder and he loves this kind of thing!!

Lauren said...

Great idea! My little girl loves mixing the paint or food coloring into the shaving cream. I think the marbled effect is great.

I'd be thrilled if you'd link up at this week's Off the Hook!

Jenny Schmal said...

you can do the same thing with cool whip and food coloring on eggs for Easter! Works really well

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