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I am so sorry to my fans that I missed yesterday's So What Wednesday.  This past week has been nuts (in a super good way - I had two large orders come in for my hair accessories) and the blog got put on the back burner.

But even thought I may not have a link party to share this with, I have all of you.
And I still got lots to say :)
And you're gonna sit there, read it and like it.


I've seen that "Dad's Letter to Vicotria's Secret" on Facebook a lot these days.
I, too, do not want to subject my daughters to becoming a sexually-exploited object, however I will never ask a store to instill these values in my kids.
Don't be afraid to parent.  And don't be afraid to answer tough questions.
Kid:  Mom, can I have these sexy undies?
Mom:  No.  They're not appropriate. 

Guess that wasn't so tough after all.

I'm also tempted to go a step further and grossly embarrass my kids.
Kid:  Mom, can I have these sexy undies?
Mom:  Oh yes, I think we should share them! Your dad would totally love these on me, don't you think?!


I took the girls to the Children's Museum last week and it made me hate 99% of other people's children.  Man, there are a lot of jerky kids with oblivious parents (or caretakers.)  Maybe I'm too high strung on my kids having manners and taking turns, but I'm good with that.


On second thought, maybe I do yell too much.  I'll call for Liv, and Avery will parrot:  Ee-ya Brown, come here!  I think I may be using her full name too much these days.


I saw an Explorer driving down the road.  It's license plate said "Dora."
I almost rammed into it just so the plate might need to be replaced.


I can totally appreciate the need for blocking out "brand names" of products on TV shows, but I am really over the large decal on the back of Mac computers.  We all know what that is.
And furthermore, the ringtones on iPhones on TV - fake.  Plus, stop swiping your gloved finger to answer a call; it doesn't work!!!  Who's editing these shows?!


By the end of April, the girls will be in bunk beds.  I may regret moving Avery into a bed so soon, but my parents offered and the PBK furniture sale is happening now.  It's really a gift for Liv's birthday (5 months too soon.)  That means there will be a redo of their room and a big reveal when it's all done!

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Sarah said...

congrats on the big orders!! i almost spit out my diet coke when i read that random thought about the dora license plate! too funny- but who would do that?

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