Raise 'Em Like a Preachers' Daughter

I'll never turn down a reality show.  I'll give just about anything on TV a fair shake, so this Lifetime show is no different.  It's interesting for me to watch because:

A)  I am married to a preachers kid (Nate's mother is an Episcopal priest)
B)  I am raising two daughters.

What's interesting and raw about this show is that the parents are really no different than any other.  Sure, their job title is different.  Their peers hold them to a higher standard.  However, in all reality, they are just people raising kids with the tools and love that they can muster.  And let's be honest, make up along the way.  Being a preacher does not grant you some secret parent guidebook (obviously - one of the girls is a teen mom!)  You may have a guide in God, but really... you're just kinda guessing with the faith that you're doing it right.

Spoiler alert:  So is everyone else.

I get why the producers went with preachers for parents.  They can be easily perceived as "hard ass dads (or moms as the case may be)."  But I remember what my dad was like.  Grilling the kid at the door - do you have any earrings, what does your dad do for a living?

Who remembers the scene in Bad Boys 2 when Will Smith and Martin Lawrence answer the door with shotguns and an attitude?

I know the way Nate would like to be that way.  He's too white and we don't have guns in the house.

As parents, we only want to be protective because we don't want our kids to get hurt.  If my girls would never hear a mean word or feel a broken heart - thrown caution to the wind ladies!  Have fun!  But that is not reality.
You can relate, some of the best cries you've ever had are over a sad, hurt soul.  Sure - you may have been 14 and the love-note sentiment was not returned, but the pain is the same, regardless of the age isn't experience.

Thankfully, we survive.
We endure.
We embrace.
We learn, grown and strengthen.

I don't want my girls to live a pure and good life solely because of their faith or God or because I said so.  I've had enough arguments with them to know "because I said so," is not a good enough of a reason to get them to do anything!
I want them to value themselves, in any relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic.
I want them to value themselves enough to walk away.
I want them to value themselves enough to bounce back.

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