Happy Birthday, Avery

Two years ago today, our family grew by two feet.
Well, not quite - more like 21 inches.  And 7 lbs, 8 oz of pure sweetness and calm.

And then you grew up, and learned this little word "no" and life is still sweet, but not exactly calm.

We celebrated your first birthday {here}
And apologized for being a second-time mom {here}
Wrote about the labor of love {here}
And again, apologized for being amazing parents {here}

Within the last year, we have created so many memories - some good and some good memories, but maybe not so great at the time (like being forced to sit with Santa.)

Avery uses the computer (and Apple products in general) better than most adults.

Running her is best.

She can throw tantrums like a pro.

No one makes her smile and laugh like her big sister.

No. One.

Christmas was cool.
Santa was NOT.

Sunnies are still her favorite accessory.

We had lots of opportunity in Turks & Caicos to rock said sunnies.

Party on, you little red-headed gal.

The lips.  The blue eyes.
My baby.

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