So What Wednesday

Hump Day.
So close to vacation I can almost feel the sun.
And the crying from the airplane, but whatever.

So What Wednesday

  • It was a rough week.  The hubs and I quarreled, and that's putting it gracefully.  There's something to be said about the the power of truth and family.
  • We leave for Turks & Caicos in 3 days.  Started to pack on Sunday, and I can't tell if I'm more excited or anxious for it all.  
  • I am very excited to go on vacation.  Like "kid before the first day of school" giddy.
  • I wasn't exactly nervous about other passengers during our travel until I heard about {this} story. A toddler slapped by another passenger.  And then I learned it was the son of my husband's high school friends.  Oh hell to the no.  I can tolerate a lot of stupid people, but this is absolutely... no good words.  Trying to keep a PG-13 blog here.
  • Watched Trouble with the Curve, and aside from the grizzly voice, felt a great deal of connection between the daughter and father characters in my own life.  It's never too late to come home.
  • I'd planned on letting Liv pierce her ears after vacation, but after some research and consideration, we did it.  "Pulled the trigger" so to speak.  She's so cute and grown up.
  • I absolutely love Elementary.  My CBS shows are usually limited to The Amazing Race and Survivor, but ever since Hackers, Johnny Lee Miller has a sexy, smart, witty sense.  Hard to pass up. 
  • I passed on Wild hockey tickets with the hubs so I could spend a quiet night at home.  It consisted of wine, DVR crap, chicken and waffle Lays potato chips and starting this post.   I think you'll agree, time well spent!

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Sara McFall said...

It's always a rough week when you quarrel with your husband. I hate those weeks. And I read that story about the slapping on the plane earlier. It's just awful! I always did my best to ignore the crying babies/toddlers on planes because they don't know what's going on. People need to remember that on planes. I'm sure your girls will do great!

Mia @ The Chronicles of Chaos said...

Eeek! Turks and Caicos, my all-time dream vacation. Can't wait to hear how the trip went, so I can live vicariously through your photos. :)

Shannon Dew said...

Ahhh I am SO jealous of your upcoming vaca!!!! I am so sick of the cold this year it's not even funny!

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