So What Wednesday

Weekly brag/rant/vent/over-share session with my gal Shannon - cute as can be in her purple maternity skinnies from The Gap.  Why weren't those around 2 years ago!?

So What Wednesday

This week, I'm saying SO WHAT...

  • I skipped yoga this week.  I have no reasons other than I just did other things.  I'm totally regretting it, but at the same time, I spent some good time with the girls instead.  50/50 win there.
  • Really could not relate the the mom on Dr. Phil this week who wanted to have 100 babies.  No one spec.
  • Letting Avery sporadically use the big girl potty.  We are NOT potty training.  But far be it from me to tell her "no" when she asks.  And hell yes, I reward every little tinkle with a marshmallow!  She's young, but not stupid.
  • It has taken a LOT of strength on my part to not watch back-episodes for Downton Abbey without Nate.
  • Argo-f*** yourself.  Great movie (if you see it, you'll know why I said that)  Happy to see Ben Affleck doing something than being a blind superhero.  Really great flick.  Worth the movie ticket.
  • Read some of my guest "posters" for when I'm gone.  You all are going to get some great reading (not to say that my stuff isn't already amazing!)

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sara said...

Dying to see Argo! It finally came to On Demand, so I foresee a viewing very soon in my future.

Sara McFall said...

Love Downton Abby!! Thankfully Erin doesn't watch it so I can watch whenever I want. :) glad my mom told me about the show.

Jennifer said...

I really really want to see Argo!!!

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