So What Wednesday

Let's get right to this, baby!

So What Wednesday

  • I haven't lost all the weight I wanted to for this trip.  I feel better, I can run longer, scretch further, so I know those are milestones I should be proud of, but it's still disappointing to go shopping and still need the same size I needed in the fall.
  • I did score two amazing dresses at Dry Goods this weekend, however.  Totally random find at the mall, but I love this store!
  • I am starting to get more and more anxious about traveling with Avery.  I'd like to think she'll go with the flow of the other kids, but somehow I'm afraid I won't be that lucky.
  • I am still loving my new job - plus I get gel manicures every other week.  Hello perks!!
  • I still have some spots for guest writers while I'm away.  It's a great FREE chance to promote yourself with a new fan base!  Leave a note if you're interested!
  • I need to get the girls back on a routine where we hit up storytime and kid things again.  We fell away from that over the holidays and with my starting back part-time.  I miss having that fun, playtime with them.
  • The hubs and I need to plan a date.  (hint hint, darling)

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Mellissa Rondinelli said...

You are probably right about to hit the next size! Keep up the hard work - it's def paying off. When I was slimming down for my wedding I had these pants that were torturing me ... I went out looking to replace them and found out it was seriously those pants! Donated them - now they are someone else's nightmare - LOL!

World According to Shia

sara said...

Loving your job is the best feeling! And man, could I ever use a manicure... I swear every day for the past two weeks I've intended to at least paint my own nails. Has it happened yet? Nope. Ha. It sounds like you've made good progress with getting healthy--and just because you're wearing the same size doesn't mean your body hasn't at least started reshaping itself! Keep it up :)

Shannon said...

Loving your job is one of the secrets to happiness-- congrats!!

I would like to be considered for one of the guest post spots, while you are away. I am a relatively new follower and reader of yours for awhile. I have a little blog where I honestly discuss DIY projects (even when I fail), and raising a daughter (she's 2, I try to remain sane), and a sundry of other topics that cross my mind.

Jennifer said...

What is this new job full of gel manicures??

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