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Like most moms, I used to carry a baby bag everywhere, even if I was just making a short run somewhere, it was always packed and prepared for the second coming.

I have gotten lazy.  I often leave the house without an extra diaper for Avery, let alone snacks, milk, toys, a change of clothes and other things to keep them busy.  Bad mom.

But I'm trying to be better because I know my luck of "no poops while shopping" will run out.  And when it runs out, it's going to be big.  Massive explosion needing scissors to remove the previous outfit and a hazmat suit to complete the diaper change.

With that, I thought about updating a few games for the bag.

This is a super easy project that took less than 30 minutes to put together.
You'll need:

random felt or fabric (you could even use scrapbook paper)
an even number of wooden coins (mine were 1.5" x 3/16", sold in a pack of 6)
hot glue

Cut out circles (or if you're feeling fancy, other shapes to match up) and simple glue them onto the coins.
Honestly, it's that simple.
But intricate handiwork and several hours does not a clever project make.
Zip up the coins in a ziptop baggie and toss in the baby bag and you're ready for the next dinner out!

It can be a color matching game for little hands, or even memory game to find matching colors (for older kids).
Or, it can become a towel, wheels, pretend sandwich for an imaginary friend... just go with it.  If you're out and they're not crying, consider any activity a win!

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1 comment:

Sara McFall said...

I have gotten very lazy also. No diaper, wipes, snack. I also used to over pack when Mackenzie was little. This is a great project, I'll have to make something like it too!

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