So What Wednesday

I'm writing this from a near-food-coma state of eating Chinese food like I was mad at it.  Forgive me for any typos, as I am clearly drugged up on sodium and pea pods.

This week, I say SO WHAT:

  • I got sick of our garage door opener crapping out on us, so I made strongly encouraged Nate finally buy a new one, rather than use his McGyver skills to fix it.
  • Last Friday was a shining moment in motherhood when in the span of 15 minutes, Olivia shut her finger in the car door (as in the dark closed tight and her poor little finger was pinched between them) and Avery climbed (and fell on her face) out of the crib.  And here, I thought {marker face} was bad enough!
  • I get really excited about blog comments.  Who doesn't!?
  • I used my Cricut to make vinyl labels for things like our flour and sugar.  Yes, they already had a simple "label-maker" sticker on them, but now they're pretty.  And sit behind a closed cupboard door.  Oh shut up.
  • I keep waiting for Liv to notice that "that guy on Project Runway" has the same voice from "that guy on Princess Sophia."
  • PS, where's Michael Kohrs this season, Heidi??
  • I watched six episodes (in a row) from season one of Downton Abbey.  Addicted.  So good!  Seriously!
  • I need to take more photos for Instagram.  My photo frame could use some updating!
  • I'm super excited to get my new swimsuit in the mail tomorrow.  Probably should shave my legs before I try it on, though.
  • I love the show Catfish and yet another reason I stay with my husband.  I do not ever want to date again.  Ever.

How's your week??

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Erin said...

Soo...which suit did you decide on??

Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Great post! I LOVE catfish!! Cheers to husbands and no catfished moments for us!

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