So What Wednesday

Happy Hump Day to all!  And we're halfway through January (how did that happen!)

So What Wednesday

Here's my week:
  • Okay, BUCKWILD is my new favorite show.  And where are the parents??  Are these kids all really 21?  Am I that old that it doesn't seem they are old enough to live along/drink/operate the stove alone?
  • BUCKWILD makes me very proud as a parent.  Not my reality.  Not my kids.
  • I need to hire a chemist and develop a Diet Wine.  There's a Diet Coke, I must be possible.
  • I scheduled a hair cut near the same time as my mother's hair appointment, so she could help with my unruly children in the overlap.  Thank God the waiting area has candy suckers.
  • I am jealous of Jules' GIANT wine glass (on Cougar Town) only because I drink white wine, and a beverage in such a large vessel would get SO WARM.  Not fair!
  • I ordered my Stella & Dot samples, and it kills me I need to wait ONE MORE DAY to have them arrive.  I'm like a puppy at the window every time the mailman drive by our house these days.
  • I used my new yoga strap from Eleven Nineteen today.  It's {this one}  I looked like I knew what I was doing (kinda).  Also, the room was VERY windy - I couldn't always balance the way I should.
  • There are lots of friends I own phone calls too, and I promise I will catch up.  Some of you I haven't seen in months.  Very honestly, I MISS YOU A LOT.
  • Four out of the fifteen pounds lost and 37 days to go until Turks & Caicos.  I'm trying, I just love cheese and bread SO MUCH.  
  • One of my favorite photographers is taking photos for my Etsy shop over the next couple of days - this means amazing new photos for new products and an AMAZING sale coming for you!  Stay tuned!

In honor passing the less than 40 day mark til vacation, I'm offering up my ad spots at 40% off!

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Jessica said...

Hahhahah I dont think a diet wine would be very good!!

Im excited for you that youre going on vacation!

AND sorry for the terrible grammar but my keyboard is messed up.. HAHA thought I should clarify.


Mellissa Rondinelli said...

I haven't seen BUCKWILD yet but I have seen some pretty crazy previews. Congrats on your weight loss!!


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