Please Pray

I am not a Christian blogger.
I am a lifestyle, mommy, crafty, girl-needs-to-eat, kind of blogger.
But this post needs to be out there.
I saw the Ling Family's story on my good friend Heather's page.
I don't know this family, but if they're friends of Heather's, they're friends of mine.
And the story of their son's journey grabbed my heart.


Please read more about there {here} (it's in her journal on her photography page, just scroll down, I'm not sending you to a link for business purposes!)
And once you do, say a prayer, even one, that their sweet Asher gets to stay with them.

Please share with your friends and readers.
I have seen the power of prayer work great magic in the families and babies in my life.
They don't know me from Adam, but I'm invested now and I'm praying for the best.

Thank you.

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Marci Smith said...

This story is heartbreaking. Thank you for sending your readers to the site. I am lifting everyone involved up to God. My prayers will continue.

Suze said...

As an adoptee and a new mom, this broke my heart. I will be praying for their sweet family. I'm also going to post a link to this on my blog. Thanks.

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