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I mentioned last week during my SWW that I got a new yoga mat strap from Nineteen Eleven and gushed about how much I loved it.  I wasn't lying.  I LOVE it.

So cute, easy to stretch the elastic over my mat (as I am not capable of every wrapping it as tightly as the manufacturer once did) and I even get compliments in class.  This is important for my ego as I still feel like the "new kid" in class who doesn't quite know what she's doing.  The Yoga gurus like my mat strap.

Yes.  It does sound that pathetic when I say it outloud.

But anyway, let me introduce you to the amazing women behind my new "popularity:"

Liz & Laura
Owner, Sisters Who Sew Together!
Welcome to NINETEEN | ELEVEN! We are two sisters; one who is a crazy fitness junky and the other a mom, but both of us love to decorate our homes. We decided to open this shop to help support a passion of ours - Child Sexual Abuse Awareness.

Our first address was 1911 and a lot of wonderful family memories were at this home address for us. We both love to sew and are passionate about two separate things and wanted to bring those two together to support a common cause, awareness of Child Sexual Abuse and Sex Trafficking. A portion of our sales is donated to Darkness to Light - for more information please check out www.d2l.org

I was first drawn to their vibrant colors and the well-made nature of the product, but what struck me was their kindness and passion to giveback.  We all have well-meaning hearts, but to actually make that promise to every customer.  It was refreshing.

And now here's your chance to be the cool kid in class.

Not a yoga fan?  I challenge you to try it once.  You will like it, I promise.  A good instructor will encourage you to move at your own pace and ability.  Don't look up and compare yourself to others in the room.  Really take the time to breath, engage your muscles to move your own body and just be yourself.

It's incredibly relaxing, but also a workout.  I wore my heart strap monitor, and registered that I burned 300 calories in my one hour Vinyasa flow class.  Not too shabby.

Follow the simple entry with the Rafflecopter widget below and enter to win your very own strap!

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Mellissa Rondinelli said...

Cute! I want to do yoga but I can never find a true class for beginners =(

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