Washi Tape Candles

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I use washi tape on a lot of my Etsy packages.  It's a sweet little touch to the wrapping that I hope comes through to my customers opening their goodies on the receiving end.  I bought a 5-pack from In the Clear in the hopes that it would help me organize my calendar like this pinner, but it was a Pintererst FAIL.

None the less, there are a million things I can do with these sticky little rolls.  Perhaps a lovely addition to my holiday-draped bookcases...

While I was doing my weekly craft-run at the Dollar Store, I spotted some white pillar flameless candles.

You could very easily use real wick candles, but I would hesitate on using a tape near the top of the candle and watching it closely as it burns so your tape doesn't start to melt or worse, start on fire!

Being that Christmas is in the air, I grabbed the red and green tape from my pack and carefully lined the bottom half of my candles.  I tend to be more of a minimalist in my decorations (tends to distract less from the piles of books, baby dolls, play dishes and random McDonalds toys that litter my home.)

Ta-da.  Super simple.  Feels a little silly to even have a "tutorial" on it, but hopefully this sparked a creative itch you need to scratch!
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~Dawn~ said...

This is super cute and looks very easy! :) Totally my kind of craft! :))

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