I feel a little funny commenting on such a huge topic with something like Sister Wives in mind.

Sunday's episode was highlighted with a the storyline of a few of the older children going to volunteer with a rescue organization for women and children looking to escape abusive polygamist sects.  The kids set out to do something good but yet, were met with some resistance and indifference from some who experienced horrible circumstance with their polygamist families and attributed that as THE NORM.

I have no doubt that there are abusive people within the LDS community.
You watch the news or read the paper, you can be certain this is true.
There are abusive families that are Christian, Catholic, Methodist, Muslim, Atheist and otherwise.
Kids are abused every day in our country.
It's horrible they are made to feel small and weak and stupid and worthless.
Religion has little to do with treating your child like this.
I believe it has to do more with fear, misinformation and legacy.

There are ugly people EVERYWHERE.

What makes me sad is when the bad apples are taken is as the whole crop.
I was baptized as a Catholic.  You all know the name some priests have made for themselves.
Does that mean that ALL Catholic priests are like that?  Absolutely not.
Our family attend an Episcopal church.  Does that mean that my kids are immune to predators?
Of course not.
Same goes for every soccer coach, 5th grade teacher, kind lady down the street.
Religion plays no part.  Nothing does.

Remember, there are ugly people everywhere.

There is also the amazing priest who truly walked with you through dark days, the soccer coach who cheered for every win and loss, the teacher who never gave up on you even when you did, and the kind neighbor who was just KIND.

People can be good, just because.

The kids on this show (the silly reality show that I watch and love) they were abused and hurt and scared.  They saw the worst of the worst.  Religion and belief aside, no kid should feel like that.  They should always feel love and kindness from their parents -
that love should be the warm sun on their face.  
They were cheated, and it's not fair.

Ugly people SUCK.

I really wish that the ugly people didn't exist.  Not just so they couldn't hurt people, but so they couldn't sour people.
They jade people against the kindness in the world.
You can hate the ugly, but don't lump the good people in that just because they share the same "name," "belief," "hair color," "skin tone," or whatever.

These kids didn't know they were wonderful.
People who hate uniformly have been burned.
They don't hear kind words or get hugs or feel joy.

And that sucks.
One bad apples does not ruin the crop.

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Shannon Dew said...

That episode broke my heart! OMG I cannot imagine what those kids went through, so sad. And it's true, it's not just THAT religion or geographic location, this happens everywhere. I am glad that the Browns were able to show them that not all families are that way and that, no matter what, you can live happy lives full of love. I hope those kids felt hope after that.

~Dawn~ said...

I haven't seen the show, but agree with what you're saying. Children are abused, people are murdered, robbed and raped and it has nothing to do with their race or religion!! Unfortunately, not all people see it that way and are prejudice and ignorant.

Have a good weekend.

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