Stuffed Animal Zoo

You've all seen this beauty on Pinterest, right??

Creative idea for storage, right?

The $157 price tag, plus $12 for shipping - not so much!

So I showed this to the hubs and had him put together a version for our playroom all for around TEN BUCKS

Thank you to my darling husband who put together this cut list for me.
all measurements are subject to your needs - larger or smaller depending on your space and animal collection

Keep in mind, when I say "1x4", the actual size is 3/4"x3 1/2".  If you ask someone at the store, ask for a 1x4.  They'll know what you mean.  The length is the actual length it should be cut.

  • 2 pieces- 1x4 board, 20" long
  • 2 pieces - 1x4 board, 10.5" long
  • Assemble into a rectangle, with the 20" pieces forming the "long" sides
Center and Top:
  • 4 pieces - 1x3 board (actually 3/4" x 2 1/2" but remember those smarty pants lumber workers), 20" long
  • 4 pieces - 1x3 board, 10.5" long
  • Assemble into two rectangles
Verticals (not bars):
  • 4 pieces - 1x2 (actually 3/4" x 1 1/2"), 48" long
    This height is to your liking; we have tall kids and a lot of animals to store!
  • 8 pieces of 3/8" dowels, each 42 3/4" long

Assembly Steps:
  1. Glue and screw each of your bottom, center and top rectangles together.
  2. Drill holes into each for the bars to nest into
    • Holes for the long sides will be centered and then 4" apart (3 bars per side)
    • Short sides will have 1 hole, centered (1 bar per side)
  3. Drilling holes for bottom and top you will only go 3/8" deep
    • Center will be drilled all the way through.  I recommend go half and half on each side to help avoid splitting and splintering.
  4. Start from the bottom and middle sections and thread the bars.  Glue, screw and attach to your skeleton pieces.  Then add the top bars and top rectangle.
  5.  Stand back and admire your work.  Then clean up that piles of animals and baby dolls and show them their new home!

Ours stands about 4 feet tall when it was all said and done

You can see, no animal really escapes, but they're all removable through the bars.  Even blankets for those picnic tea parties are contained!

This has been the best things we've added to our playroom (aside from the door to lock enclose ensure that they're safe!)

Let me know if you've got questions - the hubs loves this sort of thing and would love to help you design your own!


Emily said...

ten dollars??? nice!! wtg husband :) it came out SUPER CUTE!

thanks for hosting the giveaway btw - newest follower and so looking forward to it! <3


Sian Thomas said...

This is such a good idea - will be remembering this for when I have children with toys everywhere!!

Sara McFall said...

Love this!! It's a must make for us! Great job!

Brittany Belling said...

Uh, yeah...my husband is going to have to make this! Pinned this, it's so cute!!

hardworker said...

You did an amazing job! Planning to make this too. How are the dowels on flexibility? Does it really matter? Do you feel like you wish it were more flexible? I'm debating on dowels vs. bungee. Thanks!

tabbie said...

I told my son about this and he build one for my granddaughter...she has so many stuffed animals he is planning on building two more...he wants to try and make one that will fit into the corner of her room..thank you so much for such an awesome idea...

Time Traveller said...

Awesome, thanks for the cut list! One thing your cut list is missing though is the piece of plywood used for the bottom.

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