So What Wednesday

I cannot believe that we are now LESS than 2 weeks from Christmas.  I am happy to say that our shopping is fairly complete (minus a stocking gift or two) however, NOTHING has been wrapped.  We are hiding Amazon boxes and Target bags in the laundry room.  Hey, I guess that could be a so what, on it's own.

So What Wednesday

Here's what I got to say this week:

  • On Sunday, Liv and I napped for nearly 4 hours.  With some crummy, sickie bug in our house, we basically woke up, tried to eat some dinner, and went back to bed.
  • I'm all for an un-cluttered kitchen, but I love that our cabinets are filling in with the smiling well-wishes of our family and friends.
  • I like my new job.  I haven't been able to say that I liked "my job" (paying, clock-in, have a boss to answer to kind of job) in a while.  Feels good.
  • The Twin Cities got some 16 inches of snow dumped on our fair town - we are still digging out of the ice and yuck because it hasn't been warmer than 12 degrees in two days.  
  • I love that Amanda Peet is back on TV (The Good Wife).  I miss Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.  She's too cute to not have around more often.
  • CJ was robbed on Top Chef Seattle.
  • I really, really want to see Jack Reacher - except Tom Cruise is the star.  Anyone else would make it perfect.  Watch the previews  - wouldn't Jeremy Renner, or even Colin Farell be better?  Anyone else!
  • I am so excited to help Liv's preschool class make little baby Jesus in his manger projects next week.  I get some joy from thinking that something I helped their little hands make will be displayed with all the other family Christmas goobers for years to come.  (My Jesus I made in preschool is still on my parents' mantle, PS.)
  • We shopping for Toys for Tots tonight.  A long-standing tradition with my parents.  Shop, fill carts at Target, go drop the goodies off with the Marines and have dinner at Red Lobster.  The seafood is nice at the end, but I like being able to show my girls the gift of giving (even when our budget doesn't allow on as grand a scale as my folks!)

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Emily said...

I honestly can't blame you! I haven't wrapped anything either! D:


Jessica said...

new follower from Life after I Dew!

I just want to say that I absolutely love your blog design!! It's really pretty & catchy :)


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