So What Wednesday

I have a few wins and "opportunities" for the week...

So What Wednesday

  • I took a new job at a salon here in town working concierge and helping with projects (marketing, media, other things that I'm good at.)  It's a good thing because I can provide for my family, but a bummer because it means that things I had hoped would work aren't exactly pulling their weight. Needless to say, I'm excited to get a discount on getting my hair done again!
  • I know THREE new people in the world this last week.  Three friends had three new healthy babies.  I am so excited - I get a baby fix without the sleepless nights.  Win win.
  • I am so happy see Amanda Peet on The Good Wife.  I miss her on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip {remember this?}.  She's awesome.  I think we'd be good friends in real life.
  • I'm obsessed with my new camera.  I'm posting birthday pics tomorrow - warning:  Shameless bragging on how cute my kids are.  Super cute, I know.  I do good work.
  • I have been fighting a sinus infection for what seems like weeks (thought it's probably a few days.)  I keep waiting to wake up one morning and breathe freely.  It has yet to happen.
  • We have *maybe* one gift for Avery this Christmas picked out.  Being the second, it's very hard to shop for her.  We have all the dolls, toys, clothes... Can I just have her ask for cash?  Is that totally inappropriate?
  • I have been, and always will be, a fan of Sister Wives.  But this week took it to a new level.  A husband with two wives.  Twin sisters.  Married 10 years apart, but still.  My sister and I are hardly twins, but I'm not sure we would do well sharing a bathroom counter, let alone a husband!  (love you Molly!)
  • According to Facebook, I am the only one who avoided the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, for fear of transmitting anorexia immediately.
  • I kinda got "friend excited" about Kate and William's baby news.  I don't know them, obviously. But hearing about a couple having a baby just gives me a excited feeling.  And then I giggle about the tired nights and spit up - I just hope they're "normal" enough to want to experience all that FUN of a normal newborn!
  • I've got a DAILY AD SPACE available at 50% for the first eager buyer.  I promise it will benefit you.  Who doesn't love promotion at a discount?? (use GOODDEAL at checkout)

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Shannon Dew said...

OMG I almost DIED at Sister Wives this week, could you imagine?! I don't even have a sister and OMG I would cut a bitch!

Sarah said...

Hi Liz! New follower from a fellow SWW participant! Congrats on all those babies in your life! And no, I didn't watch either. I like your reason though!

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