Simple Holiday Card Display

I love Christmas time for a lot of reasons.

Perhaps one of the best reasons is that our mailbox gets filled with gorgeous cards from our family and friends, rather than bills and junk.  I love seeing everyone's stories, their smiling faces.  Up until this year, we'd tape them to the door jam in the kitchen, carefully placing them about reaching toddler hands.  This year, our tall-giant baby is too much to handle.  They needed a new home.

I bring you the smartest, easiest thing you will do in your home this season.

All it takes is a few rolls of ribbon and some clothespins.  (Noticing a clothespin trend yet?  No?  I will refer you {here} and {here} for a refresher.)

Securely tape the ribbon to the inside of your kitchen cupboards (or knot a long piece together if you're worried about the strength of your tape)  Make sure to allow a little give in the ribbon so you can fit a few clothespins between the ribbon and the cupboard front.  Then, simply clip up the cards as they arrive and enjoy!

I told you.
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The Young Retiree said...

This is simplicity at it's finest and absolutely genius! I am definitely going to be hunting some cute ribbon down for this one!

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