Milestone: Big Mac

I am not really that proud of this milestone.
I am 31-years old and have never had a Big Mac.
That is, until last Friday.
Big family night out - and Big Macs only cost a penny.
Cheapo-Champion.  I never miss a deal like this.

I am a bit embarrassed my these photos and blame Nate for the photography (only because I'm self-concious enough about how I look regardless of the stuffing greasy food in my mouth.)

But it happened.
I am now a real American.
I have unhinged my jaw to fit "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" into my gullet.
I am a lady.
Just not at this exact moment in time.

And about 25 minutes thereafter, I felt a little guilty.
And very greasy.
But man those first bites tasted so damn good.

And because it was family movie night, we let Liv wander away to the TV and eat her fries there, while watching Tangled.
Monkey-see, monkey-do.
Avery had to be wheeled over as well.

Makin' memories at McDonalds.
Classy family, right here.

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Sarah said...

hahaha! love it! i'm 26 and i've never had a hamburger of any kind at mcdon's. always a grilled chicken sandwich.

Southern Sass said...

Haha I have never had a Big Mac either, I love McDonalds so it's not like I don't go there I just have never ordered one.

Kristen said...

At 30 I am still a Big Mac virgin too! One day....

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