Game Faces

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We have a Wii in our home.
Nate got it for his 30th birthday.
Three years ago.
It was played like MAD when we first got it.
Liv was little, we'd have friends over and play golf and bowling.
It was the novelty and hot thing.

Time fades.
We run out of "free time."
But then, the kids start to get interested.
Liv can play now.
And she's pretty good at some games.
We can still kick her ass - not that I'm competitive or anything.
But she likes to play it, so why not.  It's sitting there, collecting dust otherwise!

If you're familiar, Wii Sports Resorts has a "fruit slice" type of game.
We introduced Liv to this and she took off like a rocket.
And so did the facial expressions.

But let's not forget.
Someone else has a game face when pushing the fiercest grocery cart there is...

And a proud mama moment.
I wrote out the words on a card and Liv made a picture on her chalkboard to welcome Grandma and Grandpa to dinner.

She's brilliant.
I grew her.
I'm so proud.
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1 comment:

momFITtingitallin said...

OMG kids are amazing! Our son 5 knows how to turn it on, play, turn it off!!! Kids are incredible!

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