Vote Please!!

I participate in a lot of link ups {here}
Even been featured on a few {here} which is unbelievably flattering.

I'm wondering - what link parties are people EXCITED to join?
The link parties where you share you best recipe, craft or DIY from the week
OR the best spill-your-guts-humorous-and-or-thoughtful tale???

Personally, I'm drawn to both.
I love talking about me (duh)
But I also love sharing my good across the blogging space for all to find and fall in love with (and I love you back, I promise!)

So will you vote please, by way of commenting below?
Small effort on your part to help guide my creative direction...
Much appreciated :)

This place is my "normal."
I want to share in yours...

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

I love the link party at Practically Functional, Jessi is awesome... She featured my house number banner this week which just shocked me. As for crazy stories... Well i dont link those up, just share plenty at Planned in Pencil.

Vanessa Miller said...

I prefer the spill-your-guts-humorous-and-or-thoughtful-tale link ups. They really help me to get to know other bloggers.

Brooklyn McKenna said...

I love funny link ups or like "things I've learned" link ups. i personally avoid DIY link ups but I'm also not a DIYer. So thats probably why ;) haha

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