The Reason for the Season

We've not even crossed Thanksgiving's threshold of overeating salty meat and sides drenched in buttery oil and crispy sweet crusts filled with sugars beyond our dreams.
Christmas is near.
So near, we even spotted the REAL THING at the mall today.  It was the 16th of November mind you.   The signs stated he'd been there since the November 10th.

Tis the season.

I have a late November birthday (the 28th, in case you wanted to send a card.)
It's always been my rule that you don't start to celebrate one holiday until you've finished with the first - Christmas and Thanksgiving being the prime example.
And especially, I don't decorate for Christmas until my birthday passes.
I have a November birthday.
FALL birthday.
No holly.  No snow.  No sleighs.  No snowmen. No Santa.

But speaking of Santa, he brings a good point to the aura of this holiday.
We are Christian.  My husband was raised in an Episcopal family - his mother is even an ordained Episcopal priest.  I was raised in a Catholic environment, somewhat mirroring my mother's upbringing, but never terribly serious or overly devote , and we found the Episcopal church to be the "Catholic Lite" we were looking for.  The traditions, prayers and hymns that were familiar - but we like women and gays too.


In our culture, Christmas is so much about the things.
And I LOVE watching my kids face light up with joy at those THINGS.  Even the slightest notion from Norman, The Elf of the Shelf, is fun to see.
The wonder.
I miss that in my own world and I'm able to relive that through their eyes once again.
It must be the same joy my own parents feel watching it time and time again in their grandchildren.
That magic of Christmas morning, and the house being filled with warmth, and love and WRAPPING PAPER.

I do not think my love is measured in things.
Dear god, I hope not.
What an unfair representation.
Even the richest of rich couldn't show the love they feel for their child's smile with any amount of money.  It's priceless.  Every parent knows that, thought it may be forgotten from time to time.

Olivia attends a "Christian" preschool.
She does so mostly out of the fact that I dropped the ball to enroll her within the public system.
I am not a bible-thumping kind of gal.  But I am also not without faith.  My Facebook profile even reads "...believes in something bigger than myself..."
I listen to Bible tales and wonder how much creative liberties were taken.  That's just the English Lit persona coming out it in me.
But that does not mean that I don't believe that the tales can bring tips or truth.
I like that she's learning some stories - some basic truths.
And even though she don't get them all right: For example: God made a man, who loved a woman, who loved Jesus and gave him water from a well and they got married.  The stories may get crossed, the basics of kindness, love and miracles exists.
That's what I want her to know and believe.
Miracles, even in their smallest form.

So, my point of this is...
Spoil your kids.
Spoil them ROTTEN.
Candy, gifts, kisses, late nights eating cookies and hot chocolate - they really are only this little ONCE.
But also take a small moment,
Breathe in the dirty kid smell that their hair is carrying.
Kiss their little neck and remember this kiss when they're 16.
It's the season
To Love.
So love them.

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Schulz Family said...

Visiting from Mop it up Monday. I love the wood art. Fantastic

Cranberry Morning said...

Yes, I love that wood art too, and the Scripture on it!

Sarah said...

love the women and gays comment! i totally get it- i was baptized catholic, got my first communion in the episcopal church, and confirmed in the lutheran church (and now i work in one). i wish that everyone could get on board and just love one another regardless.

Tonia L said...

I love the wood art! So many things could be written on the branches!

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