So What Wednesday

Did you survive Thanksgiving?  Do your pants still fit?  I have to admit, I haven't been to the gym in a few days - which is shameful because I was doing SO WELL.  But now I have amazing new running shoes, so hopefully I'll be able to work that treadmill without having the complain for 5 hours each night that my legs and ankles hurt.

On to the show!  Check out Miss Shannon too (and PS, I am a happy member of Pants as Leggings too!)

So What Wednesday

  • Nate spoiled me early with a new Cannon Rebel T3 from our Black Friday shopping.  I love it.  I am by no means a "photographer" but it's fun to pretend with this baby in my hands!
  • After having family photos taken in August, I finally will have my Christmas cards arrive on December 1st.  Better a little late than never, right?
  • I am regretting my hair cut, only because it demands more shampoo-ing and less pony-tailing that I was used to.
  • I tore out the ABC Family Channel's Days of Christmas page of my US Weekly so we don't miss a classic this season (thank you DVR!)
  • I put my mommy-OCD on hold and let the girls help decorate for Christmas.  Breakable ornaments are on low branches and there are cluster of statues and nic-nacks on my shelves, but they're so proud with their work.  Who cares?!
  • We have gone through about 6 boxes of Kleenex in the past 5 days thanks to whatever crud someone carried home and kindly shared with all of us.  Welcome Winter.  I hate you.
  • I had TWO packages arrive this week with goodies for my readers.  One is Disney related, the other is clothing/mommy related!  Stay tuned!
Oh, and PS.  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!
The big 3-1.  As you're reading this, I'm probably playing with my kiddos, nephew Rory, and new baby niece Peyton, who has graciously agreed to model headbands for me.  I'm sure the night will have some cuddles, and wine and some loving notes on my Facebook wall.

Life is good, isn't it.

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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Happy Birthday! Cheers to wine and classic christmas movies!

Jamie said...

Happy birthday!!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a good one.

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