Snow & Jingle Bell Wreath

Bringing back a favorite from last year!  This wreath is so simple and so sweet, it's too easy to not have one hanging on your door!

I love having a wreath on my front door.  I love them so much, that I actually have 6 wreath boxes tucked away, most stacked with two or three wreaths in a single box.  It's an easy update to your curb appeal.  Plus, with Pinterest, finding new inspiration is easier than ever.  If you want to see what I'm considering next, check out my board {here.}

This design came at the inspiration of one I saw while shopping in Target.  The balls were rolled cotton - fairly labor intensive to recreate.

What could I use instead?  Something that will be cute, but easy on my time and wallet?  What most women have on hand in their bathroom cupboard?
Cotton balls of course!

I used a wreath form I had snagged from the dollar section at Target this fall, and spray painted it white (in case there was a gap in cotton or bell.)  The bells were compliments of our local dollar store - a pack of nine bells for a buck.  Two of those covered my 9" wreath form.

Heat up that glue gun and start working in sections.  At first, I tried to dab glue on each puff, but really, it was easier to smear a section (maybe 2" at a time) and stick the balls and bells to the wreath itself.  There's no pattern, just a lovely randomness that appeals to me.

I may go back and make another that's a little larger to fill more of our door, and move this mini one to the mantle.  But I'm really pleased with how this one turned out!

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Sara McFall said...

I hav all of that except I have gold bells! I may have to do this!

Jamie said...

So cute!

Kelly said...

Okay, seriously? THIS is the CUTEST thing ever!! Great job :-)

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