More Puff Ball Fun: Tubes

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A four-year old can {kind of } entertain themselves.
A 20-month old cannot.
They can stay busy for a very long time, but a toddler needs guidance.

Remember the super easy puff ball activity I showed you?  I'm sure you have something like this in your house right now and think "Hey!  I do that!"
Well, this may be another.  And if it's not, I hope it buys you 15-minutes of US Weekly time, or God willing, an actually long, hot shower.

So those puff balls - $2.99 at any craft store.
Some recycled plastic containers - you know you eat Cool Whip, sour cream or cream cheese - organic and home-made can only take you so far!
And some toilet paper or paper towel roles.  Unless you're the mom who cuts up hand towels, you have these things on hand.  And if you are - TP is never that expensive.  I don't care.  It's just not.

I wish there were more of tutorial, but really it's up to the space you have and the imagination of your child.

A little tape and a paper towel tube led to "Ppppshhhg" at the dropping of every puff ball on the ground.  You'll notice, the Cool Whip container started out underneath, but apparently was hight offensive to the enjoyment of the game.
She was having fun.
Let it ride.

God I love those cheeks.
She's always had that serious face.  Chin down.  Cheeks puffed.
It means she's smart.
Shut up.
She's is smart.

Ignore the big belly.
That's apple juice and mac and cheese and green peas making her smart and strong.

And a little like a Hollywood starlet.

1 comment:

Sara McFall said...

I need to do this with Mackenzie. She would have a blast! Also, her tummy is always hanging out of her shirt. :)

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