Hallmark & the Magical World of Disney {giveaway}

This giveaway is so awesome for so many reasons.  First, I am able to offer up TWO amazing prizes for my readers and second, instead of hunting down amazing products to review and offer for you all, Hallmark contacted ME.

Real-life blogger here.
Nice to meet you.

This holiday season Hallmark added two new Disney titles to its popular library of Recordable Storybooks this year, including “The Wish My Heart Makes for You” and “You’re a Hero! All the Ways You Save the Day.” They join other Classic Disney Recordable Storybooks like Lightning McQueen and His Winning Team, Winnie the Pooh's Plan Bee and What Makes a Princess.

Now, you know in this house, the Disney Princess trumps all, so I was able to sample "What Makes  a Princess" and it's a darling tale.  The instructions to record your own voice as the narrator are super simple (but the book does come with a pre-taped narration, so it's good to use straight out of the box.)

Olivia doesn't even know she wants this, but I know this is going to knock her socks off come Christmas morning.  I'm having a really hard time not giving it to her now, but that's how I am whenever it comes to fun gifts or surprises.  I'm horrible at waiting.

Anyways, if you're looking for a unique gift this is perfect.  For a cousin, nephew, grandchild - they get to hear your voice on the other end (hello low-maintanence bedtime!) 

So, of course, here's the cool part for you.  I am giving away one recordable storybook of your choice - hello Christmas list, strike one!

ALSO, because Disney on Ice will be here in the Twin Cities on Saturday, December 8th for a 3 PM show, I have a 4-pack of tickets to giveaway for a local reader.  (Please don't enter if you won't be in the area or able to attend the show.)

Amazing, right?  See why I was so excited yesterday during my So What Wednesday!?

Enter using the following Rafflecopter wigits below (the storybook entry is first, and the second is for the TWIN CITIES FOUR-PACK OF DISNEY ON ICE TICKETS)

This is a super short giveaway and the winner will be drawn on Sunday night!  Good luck!!

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Anonymous said...

Favorite Disney character Winnie the Pooh. ~Amy Lynn

Julie Rogers said...

Love the Lion King---so I'm going with Simba!

Sondra Hinnenkamp said...

So many great characters, but I love Belle from Beauty and the Beast!

momFITtingitallin said...

Favoriate - is Brave one??? hehe I love Bella :)

Sara said...

If we are talking princesses my fav is Snow White. If its just a Disney character I love Mickey Mouse.

kellyr78 said...

I like Snow White

Josie said...

My favorite Disney Character is Jasmine!

agatewood1 said...

Buzz Lightyear is my favorite! thanks!

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