Don't Judge Me, Join Me: WOFConference

I am not a terribly religious woman.
I do, however, consider myself to have a fair amount of faith.  Certainly not as much as others.
I get angry when I think of all the horrible things that have happened to my friends and family, and wonder WHY??
But then, my rational self tries deeply to believe that there is some reason.
To have faith that God means for these things – means for us to find light in the dark.
I have to believe this, otherwise the grief would swallow me whole.

I had the privilege to go to the Women of Faith conference that rolled through town.  I say privilege because it really was an awesome site.  I was awestruck by the worship band and outpouring of love the musicians displayed.  I grew up in a Catholic church, and even while the Episcopal church we belong to is liberal – we certainly don’t have electric guitars or teleprompters with song lyrics.

Prayers recited from the bulletin.
All good things, just different than what this conference displayed in the packed stadium of over 40,000 women (at my estimate.)

I tried to take notes on what I saw, and how it made me feel.
I tried to hush the critical voice that asked “is that story really true?”
I tried to open my eyes and get inspired.

It worked.

I have many stories and thoughts to share with you all, and I promise that I will.  In this initial pass, I just wanted to share that I was there.
I saw.
I felt.
I watched women make themselves venerable to complete strangers and feel nothing but love.
No one was critical of how she prepared lunches for her kids.
No one cared that her car had more Goldfish crumbs in it than actual gas.
No one judged her for anything because everyone was focused on the introspective.
On their relationship with God.
They were listening with their eyes and heart and thinking about how to be in their life.

The first message I leave you with is:  don’t judge me, join me. 
Some may talk about dreams of a white horse and dashing price to rescue them.
I’d personally be happy with someone who was just willing to sit down in the muck with me – letting me stand up on my own feet when I was ready.
It's those friends who can understand, and love you regardless that you hold most dear.
The "but look at me" people are horrible - whether they're bragging or complaining.
And we've all be on both sides - we want praise and empathy.  But the important thing is to remember to give attention and love back when it's our turn.
Or better yet, even when it's not our turn.

I have a lot of faults that I feel guilty for.
I like knowing that I can find a home where those faults can be overlooked, no questions asked, no ulterior motives.
You be you.
I'll be me.
And it will all be OK.
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PJ @ Planned in Pencil said...

Well written. Im Pj from Planned in Pencil and Im your newest follower. Found your blog through Thrifty 101.

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