Workout Advice for Moms

So I've been trying to work out more.
Actually, I've been trying to use our gym membership because Nate keeps threatening to cancel it.
Never mind the motivation, it's getting my body moving, which is a good thing.

I stumbled on this workout on Pinterest.  I went to the original site and can't find the same graphic, but the blog has AMAZING workouts.  Note to self:  revisit often.

Sounds good, right?

I asked Nate if he would go to the gym with me and do this circuit training, so I wouldn't feel like an asshole doing jumping jacks in the middle of all the grunting weight lifters.  Rationally, I KNOW no one cares about what I'm doing.  The insecure me feels like everyone is silently watching and judging me.  I never thought of what we must have looked like as a pair doing these exercises in tandem, but whatever.

I share this tale and routine so I can share this warning for MOTHERS.
I say MOTHERS because you know that if you sneeze the wrong way, you might need to change your Victoria's Secrets.
Clearly the creator of this workout has never experienced the delight of a peri bottle and wearing an ice pack in your undies for three days.

Jumping jacks.

Avoid them.

Do something else in that placeholder's stead.

First time around, I hit 37 and thought, oh GOD.
Then at 45 I stopped short and Nate scolded me for quitting.
"I'm going to pee my pants!!" I whispered angrily at him.
"Oh.  Well good then.  Please stop."
And then we laughed.
If you can't laugh at peeing your pants, what else can you doing?

I did mountain climbers, which was equally difficult for me, but not so much jumping.
I also did a 60 second plank in place of the 50 second wall sit.
My abs need attention too!

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Tish said...

I've been trying to be more active too, and can't do jumping jacks to save my life! I'm glad I'm not the only one with that problem!!!

Sara said...

I hate jumping jacks because of my chest! Hate them!

Corinna @ The Sweet Spot Blog said...

Hey, Found your awesome blog at Blogaholic. Started following you, please follow me. Thanks!

Creative Raisins said...

Yup totally know what you mean, jumping jacks are not my friends. lol

Jelli said...

Liz, I've been battling that same pee issue for the last few weeks I've been doing Jillian Michaels videos at home. Granted, at home it's really no big deal (other than the yearning for my pre-baby muscle tone down below) but at the gym, I guess I'd just go with a pantyliner and tell myself no one's watching. Happy workouting. I'm checking out the site you mentioned right now. Have a great weekend, Liz.

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