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Ten weeks of you (or rather of me) continues with Lauren & Tiffany

This list is in a particular order.  For a very long time, I loved movies.  I didn't always have the money to see them when they were released in the theaters, but I owned a TON in college (that were later sold so I didn't have to move them home when I graduated) and now Nate and I have a TON of DVDs that need a new home.  Even a buck a piece would pay a few bills with the stacks we have!

But narrowing the list of favorites down to three is tricky.  It's like choosing a favorite child (lucky for me, I only have two so this list would otherwise be easy)


This is kind of serious, kind of a joke.  Much like the movie itself.  Overboard is perhaps the worst movie that seems to always be replaying on Lifetime, TBS or TNT.  Goofy Goldie Hawn, the plate-hands, those awful dogs, and mini golf!  What's not to love!!


Ocean's Eleven.  Remember when I talked about this series of movies {here}  What's not to love about the story, acting, cast, the hotness, the trickier, the cast.  Fond memories of this flick and I always find myself watching it on TBS on that random Sunday afternoon.  Even with commercials - and you know how I feel about those little shows they put between my real show.


Love Actually.  I love that Hugh Grant goes door to door.  I love that the Christmas Pageant has a 2nd Lobster.  I love that Colin Firth learns Portuguese.  And she learns English.  I cry every time that little boys tears through airport security just to say "hey."  And then when it's all done, hugs his DAD like it's the last hug he'll ever get.  LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie.  Makes me happy just talking about it.


Jillian Nicole said...

Those are great movies but my favorites of all time are Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Pride and Prejudice and Twilight. It is a weird mix but it all depends on my mood.
Hope you have a good day.

Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I haven't seen Overboard, but I like the second two! Very good movies!!

Recently Roached said...

Oh my word!! I've never met someone who loves "Overboard" as much as my sister and I do! :) Such a winner.

Sara said...

Love the movie Love Acrually! And whenever Overboard is on tv I usually watch it! I agree it would be hard to narrow down favorite movies to 3.

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Overboard is so good!

Sarah said...

i think we'd be irl friends- i love all three of those movies!!

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