Stenciled Workout Tank

At the end of February, my entire family will pack up, drive to the airport, take 2 flights and land in the gorgeous and beautiful tropical land of Turks & Caicos.  The last time we went, I was nearly 8 months pregnant with Avery.

Don't get me wrong - it was easily the best vacation I've ever been on.  All-inclusive, Beaches resort.  Wonderful for families with kids, awesome staff, it was 9 days in paradise.  Except for the gigantic belly and moral-fiber to not drink in excess while pregnant.  I certainly hit up the dessert table more than once a meal, however.

This time around, I will NOT be pregnant (thank you Mirena.)
I will not have an excuse for wearing a frumpy mom suit.
I will have a hot mom bod, and even though I still may not want to wear a two-piece I want to have the choice.
Slowly, I have been working out more.  I am not even up to a 5K in one sitting, but I'm getting there.  And once I got over my fear of looking like a jackass at the gym (and avoiding jumping jacks) I've been kicking ass.

I wear grubby t-shirt to the gym, and I'm fine with that.  I see other women wearing lipgloss and I want to tackle them and scream "You friggin' poser!  Go home!  We're here to sweat and be UGLY.  Get pretty AFTER your workout."
But of course, I'm a lady so I refrain.
I've wanted to take some of those t-shirt and use {this} tutorial to make a cute tank out of them.  I tried to take my own pictures along the way, but hers are way better.

I did make my OWN t-shirt however.  And that I can teach you!

No matter how slow you go, you're going faster than you would be on the couch.  Or you're lapping everyone on the couch.  Or however you need to say it, but it's totally true.  It's hard not to compare yourself to the speed demon on the machine next to you, or the perfect body lifting weights like they're bath towels.
But your speed is perfect for you.  Just MOVE.

All you need is:
* clean t-shirt (mine was three bucks from JoAnn's)
* fabric paint
* a dobber, sponge brush
* Exacto knife
* waxed paper

Depending on your printer, you could print your phrase out directly onto the waxed paper, but that didn't work for me, so I printed it on regular paper and traced it on the waxed.  Make sure that the waxy side is down because this is what you'll lightly melt onto your sheet for the stencil. Grab your Exacto knife and start cutting.

One you're all done cutting, use a low-set iron and iron it right on your t-shirt.

Now you may notice two things about my picture:
1.  The font changed (because it was a pain in the ass to cut out)
2.  I'm using washi tape to hold my stencil in place (because in my haste and frustration about restarting my cutting I used the wrong side)  To be fair - the tape worked just fine.

Let your paint dry according to the label's directions.  You may also need to cure it with an iron or steam - read your label.

Grab your scissors and follow {this} tutorial and you'll have your own hot-mama workout tank in no time at all!

Beats the grubby t-shirt look!

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Elisa said...

Keep it up!!! Start small and working your way up....have small goals along the way...it helps you feel like you have accomplished something...even if its not the overall goal....you will get there...I never thought I'd be where I am today after two kids!

I havent done the gym thing....but I hate seeing women in full make up going to the gym....I know what I look like pre/mid/post workout it isnt a pretty site...but atleast I know I worked my ass off!!!

Keep it up...and if you need a cheering squad let me know!

Sarahsworld said...

I've seen women come to the gym dressed in their head to toe matching outfits and full makeup! I have to fight the urge to trip them on the treadmill!

Great job on the shirt. It turned out really cute!

Lindsay said...

Wow- that shirt looks amazing!

angie gra said...

Great job on the shirt. I love the way the back looks.
Thanks for sharing.

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