So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

  • I hate Halloween.  In that I love it.  Stupid candy EVERYWHERE.
  • I did my first push-up in about 6 years this weekend.  I had troubles putting my hair in a pony tail the next morning, never mind washing my hair!
  • I almost didn't wear a bra to preschool drop off this morning, but thought better of it when the thermometer read 35 degree.
  • I work in our church nursery now and attended a "Safe Church Training."  It made me really really sad that our world is a place where we need to be trained to spot adults who may be taking advantage of the church's goodwill in order to hurt our children.  Major yuck.
  • I am so UNBELIEVABLY sick of political ads.  One more week.  So grateful for our DVR.
  • I wish I still had that wonder over snow.  A few flakes fell and I groaned and moaned.  Liv was so gleeful, she could hardly sit still.
  • Avery's tantrums are so cute and funny to me.  At this age with Liv I was beside myself with guilt and frustration.  Now I watch Avery get "mad" at me and have to hold back my smile so I don't frustrate her any further.

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Laura said...

I also work in my church nursery and your comment about looking out for people trying to take advantage of the kids made my stomach turn. How scary that even in church it's possible. It makes me so sad and scared that our world is coming to this.

Kayla McLemore said...

The funny fit throwing thing is hilarious. With my first one I tried everything to calm him, my second not so much! It is very funny when he gets so mad over little things.

We got fingerprint kits at school this morning for our kids. Really struck me, I can't believe we are living in these times.

Alyssa said...

I'm sick of political ads, too.. especially smear campaigns, I realize it's all part of the game but I can't stand it!

Sara McFall said...

I laugh at Mackenzie's tantrums. I have even tried to help her throw a good one. It distracts her when I do that.
Also, I hate that you had to take that church class too! I hate that Erin and I have talks now about how we will help Mackenzie to be able to always talk to us, becuase it's not always a stranger. Makes me sick. :/

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