So What Wednesday

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After what seemed like the world's longest weekend, I'm starting my So What's early so I don't forget any in the next two days!

So What Wednesday

So What!
  • We started watching season one of Homeland and I'm having a hard time listening to the fresh-face mopey teen from My-So-Called Life drop the f-bomb so many times!
  • After getting through the first two episodes one night, I was really mad that Nate was at work the next day and I couldn't watch more without him.
  • I am dragging my feet on buying Halloween candy to resist the temptation of eating before the kids come ringing my doorbell.
  • I am very pleased with the winner of Project Runway.  I won't spoil it for anyone - but I LOVE the winning designer!  Not that I would ever have a place to wear any of the fashions, but it's fun to dream!
  • I have now decided that ever fit Liv throws in public, I will just walk away from her.  Every time I call her bluff and she comes running.  Beats trying to drag her kicking and screaming; I'm done with that tactic.
  • I made mac and cheese from scratch for Nate's birthday and I may never buy another box of Kraft again.
  • I am an auntie again (as of 3:23 PM on Saturday) and am thrilled to death to have Peyton be my new headband model!!
  • Holding her made my uterus glow like ET for a moment.  And then my demon children were jumping on beds, pushing nurse alert buttons and causing havoc and I remembered I'm good.  Two's my limit.
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