So What Wednesday

I'm working with Jess @ Wrangling Chaos on a new blog design.  So excited, I can't sleep most nights thinking of all the cuteness and chic-ness her work is going to bring!

I'm so excited for what she's put together!!  Hope you love it  Just a little longer to wait.  Maybe another day or two...

So What Wednesday

So for now, you'll just have to read along with me, Shannon and all of her LAID buddies for So What Wednesday...

  • Last week, I not only dropped off, but picked up Liv from school with no bra on.  But a heavy hoodie sweatshirt to cover my indiscretions.  No one was the wiser.
  • Watching the season finale and reunion shows of RHONJ, I have never been more a NON-THERESA FAN.  That woman is bat shit crazy and mean for the sake of being mean.
  • I have fallen into a "mini" obsession: mini tacos, mini apple pies, mini omelets.  Stay tuned for my tutorials and "real life" Pinterest experiments.
  • I had a Stella & Dot meeting on Monday, which meant I drank wine at the meeting and ate the rest of Cheetos snack that I bought for the girls earlier in the day while we were shopping at Target.
  • I vowed to make October a healthier month.  And then I ate Cheetos for dinner.  There's always October 2nd.
  • The hubs wants to knock down a wall in our kitchen.  I'm anxious about the time it will take to put everything back together, but I have to say the thought of swinging a sledge hammer is pretty exciting!
  • After taping 14 episodes from Game of Thrones seasons one and two, I am super pissed I have to wait until the end of MARCH for season three to start again!!
  • I've been really inspired by my Tuesday challenge like {here} - anyone want to partner up on something like this??  Could be really fun!!


Jess said...

I'll have it up later today. Tonight, after the small ones knock out so your blog isn't down. :)

Lindsay said...

RHONJ had my head spinning for sure. You a so right about T! Crazy ass.

haha- I laughed at the double no bra thing- and it makes me love you even more. I too am guilty.

Marci Smith said...

I found you through the southern blog hop. Your post made me giggle! I have slipped out of the house a time or two braless as well. Big sweatshirts hide everything, right? ;-)

lilliesandsilk said...


I'm your newest follower from the Blog Hop, I enjoyed your post it was funny. I'm sure many women have left their homes braless, HA!
When you get a chance please stop by my website www.lilliesandsilk.com.


Mama's High Strung said...

Uh, oh... your husband wants to know down a wall in the kitchen? Does that mean a renovation? Been there, done that... and swinging that sledge hammer IS pretty cool! Dropped in from the Blog Hop!

1001tears said...

I am stopping by from the blog hop! I am your newest follower. Would love for you to stop by my blog, too.


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