Join me in November!

You're smart, I can tell.
Otherwise, why else would you be reading my blog?
We'd probably be besties IRL (if we aren't already!)
I'm funny, I'm cute in a self-depricating way.  Plus, if we were in a foot race, you'd more than likely beat me.  And to see you win would make me happy.
And that's what I would offer you as a sponsor on my blog - support, excitement.  Your own personal cheerleader!

Buy your ad space now - and get two for the price of one!  That's right!  You can get TWO months of space, for the cost of one 30 day stint! (not valid on daily post spot)

Why would I offer such an amazing deal?
November is my birthday month.
And I do mean birthday MONTH.
I expect to be celebrating for a full 30 days.
So, celebrate with me, won't you!?

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Sonja said...

Hi there! I found you on the Aloha blog hop - now following you! Would love a follow back at http://www.toeuropewithkids.com.

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