Cleaning Calendar

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As you may know, I am obsessed with Pinterest these days.  Instead of reading before bed, I snuggle under the covers and the warm glow of my iPad and surf Pinterest, looking for the next best thing.  I try to avoid food posts late at night because it only makes me hungry!!

I have a board specifically for cleaning and organizing ideas - you should check it out {here}  I recently pinned a page that had a graphic of a weekly cleaning schedule that didn't involve a ton of work each day.  Maybe 20 minutes, tops.  I liked the idea of breaking down the big chore list into chunks to make it more manageable.

Then I clicked the link and saw this:

I hate this kind of crap.  It's already annoying to click on a pin and find it goes to the blog's home page, rather than to original post.  But to not even get to a searchable place to find the source... well, what can you do?

So I made my own.  I used PicMonkey and tweaked a few things to fit my home's needs.

I will admit, the wiping down of doors and baseboards has pretty much never happened here.  But maybe having it on a list for be to be responsible for will help.  Or maybe I'll just use that time to surf Pinterest some more.

I'm only human.  Nobody's perfect.


momFITtingitallin said...

What a good idea. I feel I neglect my house then I get fed up and bring in the maid. Then I let it go until she comes back. My cleaning seems to be when something is spilled :) I call it spot cleaning!

Sara said...

Love this cleaning calendar I always see them but they are unrealistic for me. This I can do! Thanks for sharing!

elise said...

new[est] follower! so glad I stumbled across your blog! can't wait to keep reading!

stop by sometime!

Still Reviewing said...

I love this list b/c it is so simple.


SamanthaD said...

This is the kind of list I need! Something simple to follow! Pinned it!

Thanks so much!

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