So What Wednesday

I tried again to start this week's post days in advance, just so I wouldn't miss out on any witty thought that came into my pretty head.  I feel the need to share it all with you.
You deserve it.

So What Wednesday

  • I put together all of Liv's decorations for her party in less than 24 hours.  God bless Pinterest and the hours I've wasted wisely spent there.
  • I feel guilty that I watched the "Rockettes Dance Costume" Project Runway without Liv.  It's kinda been our nap time thing, but Friday night, there wasn't a whole lot else to watch.  Sorry sweetie.
  • I felt even worse when the next day she told me she wanted to "rest" on the couch during Avery's nap and watch it.  Sorry - already deleted.  What Disney princess can I distract you with??
  • OMG I am burst with cute tutorials from Liv's party, I can't wait to share them all with you!
  • I am so sorry that we had to give our dog, Finley up to another family.  I am 100% happier because of it.  I am an ass for the lack of responsibility that I displayed as a dog owner, but know that she is 100% happier with a DOG family.
  • I am so happy with the absence of a dog in the house, that our first baby, Lola has become a "normal" cat again (read: not hiding under the bed 99.9% of every day)  For those of you who are cat owners - we are glad to have our "bitch of the house" back (and it's not me!!)
  • My ponytails are becoming more frequent and then, so does the excuse to not wash my hair on a regular basis. Ugh  -  I'm becoming THAT MOM!! {read:  I need a haircut!}
  • I watched the series finale of Weeds and am very sad to be missing Silas every week.  He's hot.  I'm allowed a crush.
  • I gladly welcome back Fall TV into my home!  I'm so grateful for Revolution.  We needed another good "cliffhanger show" after Lost finished airing.  Loving it!
What's your SO WHAT this week??

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Karen said...

I love that you guys watch Project Runway together. So cute! My daughter and I watch Say Yes to the Dress every Friday night :)

Elisa said...

I love the post about the bitch of the house...oh we have one too...and she seems to own the joint!

Brin Hopeman said...

I could never be a dog owner! I am horrible at that kind of thing.

Sippy Cups and Pearls said...

I've become a pony-tail mom...and this scared me at first but then I remembered my husband loves pony-tails. hahaha. YAY! newest follower from the southern mommy blog hop! excited to read more posts from ya!

Shannon Dew said...

Seriously what did we do before Pinterest? I mean I'm glad KP will never know a life before it existed, seriously!

The Students Wife said...

I love pinterest and seriously wonder how we ever did without it! I spend way to much time on it

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