So What Wednesday

Happy hump day!  The middle of the week is already upon us!  HOORAY!!

So What Wednesday

I'm linking up with Miss Shannon and her friends to rant and rave about my week and what I'm saying SO WHAT to:

  • I drank wine from a travel mug and straw on the wedding party bus this Saturday.  At least it didn't spill when we went over bumps!
  • The expensive shoes I bought for the wedding were worn for pictures and the ceremony, and were then immediately removed and swapped for sparkly flats.  I tried.
  • We didn't have Liv's birthday presents for her until 1 PM on her birthday.  She didn't open them until after dinner anyway.
  • I resent that the I have a daily-diaper reminder that pretty much the only fruit Avery will eat is grapes.
  • I watched the Revenge marathon on Sunday night and am now hopeless hooked.  Three damn episodes and I gotta have more.
  • My DVR is set to auto-tune daily to The Price is Right.  It's about the only good daytime TV there is.
  • I still haven't hung (or even planned) the frames for our photo wall.  House full of people on Saturday - I have a deadline.  But I said the same thing for my Stella & Dot launch party.
  • Nate is gone for work the next two nights.  I see some dinners with my parents on the horizon.

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