So What Wednesday

Hump Day = So What Day

Check out my girl Shannon, her blog, her peeps and her Stella & Dot trunk show!  Want free shipping!?  Message me to order and I'll hook you up!

In any case, it is that time of the week where I spew my SO WHAT'S for you all to giggle along with, and hopefully relate to.  I can't be the only crazy in this joint.

So what...
* I took my "first" office day on Monday and did more stove cleaning and laundry than office work.  But the house was QUIET and KID-FREE.  And that's all that mattered.
* I'm excited to drive Liv to preschool twice a week just so I can listed to morning radio shows again - if only for a few brief minutes.
* I buy new clothes and then "save them" for something.  I need to just get over it and wear them.  What the hell am I waiting for?!
* I promised you 50 grill packs from my summer.  I failed.  I'm human and I'm sorry.  The ones I did do were pretty damn awesome.  Except for those salt-roasted potatoes - those were crap.
* I have a new Food Network magazine for this month and already have lofty goals for my family's meals in the coming weeks!  Totrellini with Pumpkin Alfredo Sauce! Chicken Stroganoff!
* As a punishment, I take away TV Time from Liv, but she still wants to watch cooking shows with me.  How can I say no!?  (Sidenote:  I remember doing the same thing as a kid with my parents and Wheel of Fortune.  TV was TV to me.  It's like a drug, at any age.)
* I am going to try to make Fridays "Craft Day" in our house and let the kids get messy and artsy and try to share our makings with you.  Hopefully, if nothing else, it will inspire you - as it fills our fridge and walls with their creations!


Megan Card said...


We are SO glad that you linked up with us this week for the Southern Mama's Blog Hop! Looking forward to connecting with you!

-Megan @ {All Things New} Host of the Southern Mama's Blog Hop

Lindsay said...

I do the same things with new clothes- maybe it was all those years of back to school shopping and then having to wait to wear it lol. Morning radio is still something I miss . . . I'm glad you get to hear it a few days a week now.

Missi Smith said...

Thanks for linking up at Southern Mama's Blog Hop! I see you are from MN. I am originally from MN but have been in Atlanta for about 15 years now. I have started saying "y'all" instead of "you guys" - so I guess I am now a true southerner. :)

Sonja said...

Hi doll! Thanks for linking up! :) Idk how I haven't found your blog before today because we follow the same ladies! Can't wait to chat more!

xo, Sonja @Running In Pearls

Sarah said...

i'm wearing a whole new outfit today cuz it's my "first day". i'm a youth director & tonight is our first wednesday night of the school year so i've been saving this outfit- so silly! i totally have lofty food goals too- tho mine fall thro alot :(

CassLangley said...

I just got the new Food Network Mag too and I'm def intrigued by that pumpkin Alfredo. I'll have to check back with you later to see how you like it. :-)

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