Six Places

To continue with previous week's countdowns {here} and {here}  With Lauren @ Life.Love.Lauren and Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary, I bring you this week's list and glimpse into my world.  I know you've been waiting on the edge of your seat :)

This week, we have the six places.  There are little rules as to what these six places should be (or at least none that I know of, so I am taking creative liberty)  I will be listing my six most poignant places in my life - in no particular order.

My office.  It's small and very undecorated, but if I'm down there it means that I'm creating items for customer of ATL via Etsy and that means money.  I'm always happy in there.

My parents' home.  They have lived in the same place since before I was born.  We never moved.  And the only other addresses I've held are a result of college, after college or marriage.  I like that there is a place so familiar to me, I could probably stumble around it in the dark better than "my current" home.  Plus, there's a pool - hello!

North Memorial Hospital, Robbinsdale MN.  Same building, same doctor, different dates - I brought two gorgeous girls into this world.  Loud, wild and wonderful.

Our basement, glass of beer in hand, fire going in fireplace.  DVR for hours with the hubs.  Quiet and content before there were any babies to make squeaks upstairs.  We didn't have much time in this home sans kiddos but what we did have was very fun, relaxed and always in the warm glow of the boob tube.

Turks & Caicos.  We took a vacation in Feb 2011 with my parents and my sister's family and it was amazing.  We are going back in 2013 and I cannot wait.  Nice resort, nice people, nice food, amazing memories for me, my kids and my family.  You cannot put a price tag on that kind of thing.

Target.  My first job out of college.  The retail store I spent the most time at.  And the most money.  It has given food, lighting, decor, toilet paper, clothing and a number of other things.  Thank God consumerism isn't dead in America!

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Lauren {at} Life.Love.Lauren said...

I just checked out your Etsy site! So cute! When I have a baby I will buy up your whole store! I love my parents house. It was the same home they brought me home to and I love that!

Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Oooh yes--your Etsy site is awesome! Just favorited it for the future :D And I really like the arrow bracelet--very Hunger Games-ish! Love your #3--so sweet!

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