Simple fun with Baking Soda & Vinegar

I scrubbed the house on Monday.  I tried to reorganize clutter piles and put toys where they belong.  And then it took 4 seconds for things to fall back into the same mess it was.  But it had a cleaner surface to sit on now.

And then I started looking at Pinterest and remembered all of the "fun mom" stuff I wanted to do with the girls while I was home with them.  It's been summer, so we've been outside in pools and sprinklers, but now that school has started and our life will (hopefully) settle into a routine, I promised myself the girls and I would do these projects, rather than just pin them for later.

The first was simple, took minutes to set up and minutes to enjoy.  It didn't last long (mostly because I didn't have a ton of white vinegar on hand) but Liv talked about our "experiment" for the rest of the afternoon and wanted to know when we could do more stuff like that.  Score one for mom!

Simple science.
Mix baking soda into vinegar and watch it bubble.
I used food coloring to try to make the bubbles more dramatic.
And put the cups in a jelly pan, baking sheet (or in my case a plastic bin) to help control the mess and overflow.  Remember, the point is to be messy and have fun.  Just go with it.

I let the kids smell the liquid and powder to see if they could guess what we were using (knowing they wouldn't."  Liv thought it was pickle water.  Close, kiddo.

Big sister took the reigns on this one.  Avery, as per usual, was happier to be a spectator in this game.

So being the "fun messy mom" I was trying to be, I let Baby Belle dump little bits of baking soda between cups.  It was more fun to push around on the counter.  Not so yummy to taste.  But still a good experience.

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Thyme Lule said...

I love simple fun ideas to do with the kidos! My daughter is four, and would love this! Thanks.
Your newest follower from the hop. Feel free to follow back!
Thyme, 14sixty.blogspot.com

thettdiaries said...

Hello from The TT Diaries your newest follower from the weekend blog walk. This is a fun idea I have never done this with my kids. I will have to give it a try.

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