My Life in an Instagram #13

So I've been debating on cashing in my chips on this link party.  I love seeing everything you all have to offer, but there are only a few - not a ton - so maybe there's something else I can do to try attention here.  What do you think??

But in any case,
I still snap photos of my life and post them to Instagram.
And this blog is the perfect place to publish them again.
So here's this week's rendition!

According to L

My favorite from Labor Day weekend.  After drinking two bottles, my face at realizing it was ALL GONE.  #sadfaceindeed

Welcome George.

Four of the five houligans.  Ice cream in Grahams in downtown Geneva, IL. 
Baby's first pigtails and ice cream cone.

Five wild ones.  Of the 20 I snapped on my phone THIS is the best I got!
Charlie (7) (Liv (4) Nora (2) Jack (5) Avery (1)

Current favorite iPad app (Scribble Press) where you can add in your own text to a story and kiddo draws out pictures.  This is Liv's wish from her "Fairy Story."  Hanging on to this one for awhile...

Crack Bread.  Our second 2012 trip brings yet another yummy Hatton recipe.  Check it out {here}

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