Liv's Birthday (part two}

Part two of Olivia turning four.
{part one here}

This one is short, and more a measure of her milestones, for my old and grey self to remember some day.

I had to make another milestone page for Olivia.  Even thought this photo wasn't exactly taken on (or even super close) to her fourth birthday, but VERY talented friend Heather snapped this, so it had to be used.  I love Heather and she loves Liv.  And her love moves through her camera lens and is so unbelievable apparent in every photo she takes.

In all seriousness, I have no idea how she got this picture of my daughter, who is incapable of looking, smiling and standing still all at the same time.  But my wiggle worm did it for Heather.  The output is priceless.

So here is my baby girl, who is now a "big girl."

And, of course, you may know how I did this.  Cheap ass me = Free PicMonkey tutorial {here}

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Brin Hopeman said...

Thanks for the secret!
And it doesn't mean you're a cheap ass. :)

Xo BoldButterBaby

Monica said...

Olivia looks looks so adorable in that photo. Thanks SO MUCH for including the pic monkey tutorial! Not cheap ass you...awesome spreading useful mama knowledge you!
I hope that you enjoyed celebrating your daughter...these years are so very special. xx - Monica

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